Our World programme – Sunday 3 July at 7.00pm

Our World programme – Sunday 3 July at 7.00pm
The Our World programme produced and presented by Gill Anderson is broadcast on 100.8 Revival FM on Sunday evenings at 7.00-8.00pm and is also available at Catch Up anytime for up to 7 days after broadcast.
Our World programme content for Sunday 3 July 2016 at 7.00pm:
Sowing seeds of hope in Pakistan.  While the world focuses its attention on the terrorist attacks that have devastated Pakistan, a quiet work of grace is taking place in rural parts of the country thanks to you support from Open Doors.
A light that shines in Thailand with radio as the engagement tool.  Although the gospel has been in Thailand for 190 years, there has been very little penetration except in hill tribe areas.  The national church is trying to enter communities and expose people to the gospel in a non-threatening way and radio is the key method they have chosen to use. From Reach Beyond.
OMOMS describes their field survey trip to Kenya, visiting the Transformation Centre helping ladies through their rehabilitation, and the El-Shaddai Childrens Centre working with street kids plus lots of opportunities to engage with OMS mission for individuals and church groups, serving from two weeks to a year.
Every Picture Tells A Story – Mission Aviation Fellowship have produced an amazing photographic exhibition for your church to host, giving you the opportunity to connect with your community in telling the story of MAF flying in Africa with help, hope and healing.

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