Gospel Blues Train special guest: The Simon Kennedy Band

Gospel Blues Train special guest: The Simon Kennedy Band

Tonight, Friday 26 April from 8.00pm, The Gospel Blues Train presented by Lins Honeyman, features an exclusive interview with Simon Kennedy and Mirek Hodun, founder members of Dundee-based blues trio the Simon Kennedy Band at the time of the release of the group’s widely-anticipated second album ‘All Or Nothing’.

Lins spoke to vocalist/guitarist Simon and Hammond player Mirek about the making of an album that sees the group go from strength to strength and cement their position as one of the top blues acts currently on the UK scene.

The Gospel Blues Train with Lins Honeyman, Friday 26 April 8.00-9.00pm; Saturday 27 April 7.00-8.00pm and Tuesday 30 April 10.00-11.00pm plus Catch Up anytime.

Easter Celebration 2019 success

Easter Celebration 2019 success

The Easter Celebration 2019 at The Glasgow Royal Concert was “another fantastic concert” says Revival FM director and Celebration Choir leader Andrew Polson.

On a warm and sunny Easter Sunday, the Arts Performance Theatre within the Concert Hall was filled to capacity to enjoy an evening of Easter praise and celebration with the Celebration Choir and Orchestra.

The Easter Celebration also launched officially the Revival 93FM service to the Glasgow city area. If you live in and around the Glasgow area, retune your radio to 93.0 FM and listen to Revival in super stereo.

Revival FM on 100.8 to Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch areas continues as normal.

Also, coming soon, Revival will be available across Glasgow on DAB+ digital radio. Details to follow!

Here are a few photos of the Easter Celebration within the Arts Performance Theatre, The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Easter Sunday, 21 April 2019. Pictures: Graeme Hewitson Master Photographer, Monument Photos, Johnstone, Renfrewshire.http://www.monumentphotos.co.uk

View from the rear of Arts Performance Hall within The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall for the Easter Celebration 2019 on Easter Sunday.

Revival 93FM now on-air across Glasgow

Revival 93FM now on-air across Glasgow

Revival FM has officially commenced licensed broadcasting across Glasgow on 93.0 FM following engineering tests and the installation of the FM transmitter system and broadcast antenna at a Glasgow city centre location.

This brings the Revival FM programme service of ‘Heart & Soul’ radio to Scotland’s biggest city – Glasgow.

It was on 9 May 2018 that broadcasting regulator Ofcom announced the award of an FM licence to Revival FM (Glasgow) which will be a community radio service offering a Christian perspective for listeners in Glasgow.

This follows a formal licence application to Ofcom in October 2017.

Director Andrew Polson says: “Revival FM on 93FM was launched at our Easter Celebration presentation on Easter Sunday, 21 April, at a full Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. It was very fitting the launch was on Easter Sunday, a day of celebration and the rise of a new Revival FM programme service to the people of the city of Glasgow and surrounding area.”

100.8 Revival FM continues as normal to provide a service to Cumbernauld, Kilsyth, Kirkintilloch and surround areas as it has done since September 2006.

TUNING IN NOTE: To Glasgow and surround area, Revival transmits on 93.0 MHz FM. This is a part of the FM waveband which has the BBC radio services and is called the ‘BBC sub-band’. Revival on 93FM can be found on the dial between BBC Radio 3 on 92.1 FM and BBC Radio Scotland on 94.3 FM.

TTBA Album of the Month

TTBA Album of the Month

The Turn The Beat Around programme Album of the Month for April 2019 is from Joanne Shaw Taylor, the English Midlands Black Country girl with the blues in her soul and has been steadily growing her reputation the old fashioned way, by getting out and playing.

In the latest round of a seemingly endless touring schedule she hit Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall soon after the release of latest album ‘Reckless Heart’.

In blues guitarist terms ‘JST’ is a young kid on the block, but she already has a huge amount of experience and a love of doing things old school.

There’s no preamble, no consideration about making the right entrance or worrying about a stage show. It’s get on the stage, smile hello, plug in and go.

You will hear tracks from her latest CD album when Ian Arbuckle plays tracks from ‘Reckless Heart’ on Turn The Beat Around on 100.8 Revival FM on Wednesday evenings from 8.00pm and Saturday afternoon from 3.00pm.