Celtic Fusion at Hazy Recollections live music

Celtic Fusion at Hazy Recollections live music

Once again, Findlay Napier curates three fabulously disparate five-act bills, collectively occupying the fruitfully blurry territory between folk, indie and indie-folk music.

Over its nine year existence, Hazy Recollections at Celtic Connections has hosted over 100 different artists. The venue is the ABC2 at 300 Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow city centre, with the usual 2.30pm start.cc2017-hazy-recollections

Hazy Recollections at Celtic Connections on Sunday 22 January 2017 featured Welsh-born Harry Harris; Rebecca’s Ruin, is the close-harmony duo of Becci Wallace and Becca Star; Paul Tasker, a superb guitarist who is one half of the Doghouse Roses and to finish off the day, The State Broadcasters and the famous Mystery Act. Revival was there to record the show.

If you missed the show on Tuesday 14 February as part of Celtic Fusion on 100.8 Revival FM, then you can listen to the repeat on Saturday 18 February at 5.00 until 7.00pm or listen on Catch Up anytime here or via the top of the front page of this site.


Harry Harris at Hazy Recollections

The State Broadcasters

The State Broadcasters

The Myster Act: US fiddler Laura Cortese.

The Myster Act: US fiddler Laura Cortese.


Paul Tasker on the Hazy stage

Rebecca's Ruin

Rebecca’s Ruin

Revival spotlight on Barnardo’s and fostering

Revival spotlight on Barnardo’s and fostering

Revival FM has a special focus this month on one of the UK’s leading children’s charities Barnardo’s who work to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children and young people. Many of the children they work with have been through more than any child should have to.

What they really need now is a stable, loving home and committed foster carers who can help them achieve their potential.  Barnardo’s explains:

What is Foster Caring?

Fostering is about looking after other people’s children when they are unable to remain with their own family. Children and young people who require foster care come from different backgrounds and have different needs. They are likely to have faced some difficulties in their life and some may have experienced neglect or abuse.barnardos-ad

By Your Side

Fostering can make a profound difference to a child’s life. And it can also bring profound changes to yours. That’s why when you take a child into your family, we’ll take you into ours. Helping you with on-going support and advice – not just through the application process, but throughout the time you foster.

Foster with Barnardo’s Scotland and help to change a child’s life.

If you would like further information you can contact Barnardo’s by phone on 0845 894 9501 or visit barnardos.org.uk/fostering.

Celtic Connections 2017: review

Celtic Connections 2017: review

Emily Smith & Jamie McClennan at Strathclyde Suite, The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Saturday 28 January 2017. 

Fifteen years ago in 2002, almost to the day, Emily Smith was voted Young Traditional Musician of the Year. It was also the year Emily met New Zealand musician Jamie McClennan who was later to become her husband and musical partner.

Emily Smith has been no stranger to Celtic Connections since then, but rarely has she been involved in such a wondrous night of music as this one was.

Being soul mates for so long Emily and Jamie have developed a near telepathic relationship and link up so very well on stage. This was a night of beautiful harmonies between them and wonderful musicianship. Add that to the humour between them in between the songs this was always going to be a thoroughly entertaining night.

Throughout the night there was a fantastic mix of songs including self penned ones from Jamie’s time in New Zealand, some very traditional songs and songs pertaining to Dumfries and Galloway where Emily is originally from, and where they currently stay with their two children.

cc2017-emily-smith-jamie-mcclennan-280117-2Songs such as Adoon Winding Nith, The Silver Tassie, Caledonia, Firefly and A Life That’s Good were delivered superbly.

Joining this couple on stage for the last few songs was another incredibly talented musician Anna Massie. Another rare treat for the capacity audience was actually hearing Anna join in with backing vocals. Renowned for her skill in playing any stringed instrument and sitting in the background of the stage, rarely is she seen taking to the front of stage and joining in with the singing.

To date, Emily Smith and Jamie McClennan have only recorded one album as a duet, Adoon Winding Nith, however I believe there may be another one in the pipeline. After this performance I would sincerely hope so. This was a quite exquisite show.

Danny Matheson

Exclusive with Rab Noakes on Celtic Fusion

Exclusive with Rab Noakes on Celtic Fusion

On this week’s Celtic Fusion programme on Tuesday evening, 24 January, there is a very special interview with singer Rab Noakes to coincide with his Celtic Connections 2017 show at the Old Fruitmarket on 2 February and also the release of his EP-CD The Treatment Tapes.

Celtic Fusion programme contributor Danny Matheson caught up with Rab at his Glasgow home last week to chat about how life had treated him in recent years, and how he is looking forward to getting back on stage with live performance during Celtic Connections 2017.

rab-noakes-and-danny-m-190117Early in 2015, Rab Noakes was diagnosed with tonsillar cancer. From March to May 2015, the treatments took place including 30 early morning radiotherapy sessions and two chemotherapy overnights. It was rigorous stuff and rendered him inactive for a few months.

He wasn’t inactive for any longer than was necessary though, and was soon back in action.

The treatments’ rigours were alleviated by creating landmarks to reach such as the MU conference in July, followed by Roddy Hart’s Neil Young Tribute concert in September. The release of his I’m Walkin’ Here album was delayed from May and saw the light of day in October. November 2015 was devoted to touring in support of the release.

The songs on The Treatment Tapes EP-CD were written during the post-treatment period and were part of that process. They were recorded chronologically so their performances reflect that progress. There was one initial session in December 2015 followed by one in April 2016. There’s no self-pity though; here you’ll find defiance, resilience, love, support and wit.

Rab’s wife, Stephy Pordage, was an integral part of the process at every stage. She was part of the CD production team with John Cavanagh. Steph was a key part of the writing process, and contributed a significant part of the lyric of the song, ‘Mindful’.

Rab’s included the songs, at least one at a time, in performances since the gigs restarted back in November 2015.rab-noakes-treatment-tapes-ep

He often prefaces any rendition by making a little light of it saying something like “When something like this happens to the likes of me at least I know I’ll probably get a couple of songs out of it”. He goes on to say: “It sounds a wee bit flippant and it does puncture the tension a bit. Truth is, though, it’s what we do creatively. We utilise experience and observation of, and response to, life’s ingredients, add a helping of imagination and deliver a work”.

Listen to Danny Matheson talking to Rab about his illness and how music helped him cope.

Celtic Fusion, Tuesday 24 January 8.00-10.00pm and Saturday 28 January 5.00-7.00pm and Catch Up anytime.

Vintage Rab Noakes from 1974: