Revival FM – Rookie Rockstarts Takeover schedule and guests

Revival FM – Rookie Rockstarts Takeover schedule and guests

Here is an updated full list of guests for the Revival FM-Rookie Rockstars Takeover 25-hour marathon.

Organiser and Takerover scheduler Dave Brackenridge says this is going to be an amazing 25-hour radio show! Co-presenters, special guests and studio live performers are all scheduled for the 25-hour broadcast from the Revival FM studio in Cumbernauld.

Tune-in on 100.8 FM (Cumbernauld/Kilsyth/Kirkintilloch area) and 93.0 FM in and across Glasgow. Also on DAB digital radio across the City of Glasgow.

This event is all in aid of the mental health counselling service Rookie Minds. The Kirkintilloch based organisation needs to raise £12,500 before September. Organiser Dave Brackenridge says: “We believe we can do this in one 25 hour stint with the help of you lot!”

Make your donation at the JUST GIVING page here.

Revival FM takeover to aid mental health counselling service

Revival FM takeover to aid mental health counselling service

Rookie Rockstars will be taking over Revival FM for 25 hours on Friday 28 June. The Kirkintilloch and Cumbernauld base teams will be joined every hour of the ‘takeover’ with live acts, interviews and co-hosts.

Founder and CEO, Dave Brackenridge says: “This crazy event is all in aid of our mental health counselling service Rookie Minds. We need to raise £12,500 before September and we believe we can do this in one 25 hour stint with the help of you lot!”

Rookie Rockstars is a registered charity in Scotland who aim to improve children and young persons mental health and wellbeing.

Rookie Rockstars School of Music offers individual music lessons on guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals every day. Music lesson start from beginner level, regardless of age, right through to completing Grade 8 exams.

The school of music can even help young persons prepare for SQA examinations giving them the best chance of success. All tutors are fully qualified with a degree in music, so students can be sure they will get the best quality tuition!

Revival now on DAB digital radio across Glasgow

Revival now on DAB digital radio across Glasgow

From Thursday 2 May, Revival FM commenced broadcasting on the DAB digital radio waveband across most of Glasgow city.

Some DAB digital radio do not require a retune or rescan and will automatically display Revival on the receiver or in the car. If not, select “Rescan” or “Retune” and in the alphabetical list of radio station services, select Revival when it is displayed.

Revival is being carried on the Ofcom Trial Glasgow Small-scale DAB digital radio multiplex which is transmitting on Block 10B, frequency 211.648 MHz from a single transmission site close to the Cathkin Braes.

A second transmitter to improve reception in Glasgow city centre and surrounds is awaiting clearance from regulator Ofcom. When that transmitter goes to air, that will form a Single Frequency Network (SFN). This will then provide a robust Glasgow city wide DAB+ service from the multiplex.

This is the display on a Roberts portable DAB/DAB+/FM radio. You may have to do a full scan or auto scan for the radio to pick-up and display Revival. Once available and on display, please select and save as a pre-set favourite.

Revival FM is transmitting using the improved DAB+ digital radio AAC codec system in stereo.

This DAB+ transmission joins the existing Revival 93FM Glasgow service which commenced programming at Easter.

As an example, Revival on display on a Vauxhall Corsa car.
Some cars auto tune and when you go to the station list, scroll down until you see Revival and select and then make Revival on DAB as a pre-set favourite.
Otherwise, you may need to tune in manually to Block 10B / 211.648 MHz by using Seek, Tune or use the Menu. Most car displays have these functions.
You can then listen to Revival in crystal clear stereo.
When out of range of the DAB reception area, the car radio will automatically tune to the 93FM analogue frequency for continuity of service.

Easter Celebration 2019 success

Easter Celebration 2019 success

The Easter Celebration 2019 at The Glasgow Royal Concert was “another fantastic concert” says Revival FM director and Celebration Choir leader Andrew Polson.

On a warm and sunny Easter Sunday, the Arts Performance Theatre within the Concert Hall was filled to capacity to enjoy an evening of Easter praise and celebration with the Celebration Choir and Orchestra.

The Easter Celebration also launched officially the Revival 93FM service to the Glasgow city area. If you live in and around the Glasgow area, retune your radio to 93.0 FM and listen to Revival in super stereo.

Revival FM on 100.8 to Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch areas continues as normal.

Also, coming soon, Revival will be available across Glasgow on DAB+ digital radio. Details to follow!

Here are a few photos of the Easter Celebration within the Arts Performance Theatre, The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Easter Sunday, 21 April 2019. Pictures: Graeme Hewitson Master Photographer, Monument Photos, Johnstone, Renfrewshire.

View from the rear of Arts Performance Hall within The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall for the Easter Celebration 2019 on Easter Sunday.