Christmas Celebration 2018 – ‘the best yet’

Christmas Celebration 2018 – ‘the best yet’

The final Christmas Celebration 2018 concert presentation took place on Monday 17 December in the main auditorium of The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and it has been described as “the best ever!”

The Hall was filled to capacity to enjoy an evening of Christmas Celebration in music and song.

Revival FM director and Celebration Choir Conductor Andrew Polson commented after the performance: 
“What a fantastic Christmas Celebration series of concerts we have had this year presenting ‘The Greatest Story’.

Close to 2,500 people gathered in Ayr, Edinburgh and Glasgow to hear an outstanding choir and orchestra deliver what many have said to be our best presentation yet.

The Christmas message was heralded loud and clear, and we have to make mention of the wonderful addition to our final night at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall with the St Aloysius College Junior Choir.  The children sang their hearts out and delighted the whole audience.

I’m not prone to saying these kind of things but that was the best Celebration Concert yet. This was our 8th year but still fantastic musicianship and outstanding singing from the Celebration Choir, The Gospel Heirs, Dave Brackenridge, and wow, the St Aloysius College Junior Choir.  Well done ALL.”

The Celebration Choir and Celebration Orchestra on the stage of The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Monday evening, 17 December 2018.
Christmas Celebration 2018 at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Monday 17 December 2018. Photos: Graeme Hewitson, Monument Photos

St Aloysius College Junior Choir on the main stage of The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall for the Christmas Celebration 2018 on Monday 17 December.
The Celebration Choir at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Monday 17 December 2018.

Revival FM returns to online streaming

Revival FM returns to online streaming

This morning, Monday 3 December, 100.8 Revival FM re-commenced programme streaming on the internet to enable once again listening online on all devices.

Revival FM can be heard using internet streaming devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs, Chromebooks, portable Internet Radio and any other device which has access to the internet, including the website.  Just click on Listen Live!

Revival FM management apologise for this outage of online audio streaming, which was due to factors outwith our control.

Andy Russell joins 100.8 Revival FM

Andy Russell joins 100.8 Revival FM

100.8 Revival FM has a new Breakfast and morning show host with Andy Russell taking over the weekday early programme from station manager Dave Mitchell who will be working on the new Glasgow area licence service which is scheduled to launch at Easter 2019.

Andy will be waking-up 100.8 Revival FM listeners with all the information they need to start their day plus an inspiring mix of music to uplift the mind.

Andy says: “I am delighted with this opportunity to have a daily programme on 100.8 Revival FM, and in particular the breakfast and morning show, when I will have regular guests coming into studio 1 at Revival FM just after 10.00am.

Dave Mitchell commented: “Andy is a great addition to the team here at Revival FM and I just hope the winter weather is kind to him unlike last year’s winter ‘beast from east’ I had to deal with in the early morning!”

Andy Russell Breakfast & Morning Show, weekdays 7.00-11.00am on 100.8 Revival FM.

Andrew Polson marries Aileen Suttie

Andrew Polson marries Aileen Suttie

Revival FM station director Andrew Polson married Aileen Suttie at Burnside-Blairbeth Church of Scotland, Burnside, Rutherglen, on Friday 9 November 2018.

A large attendance at the ceremony was followed by a reception for invited guests at Crossbasket Castle, High Blantyre, Lanarkshire.

Crossbasket’s four-story bridal tower dates back to the 16th century as part of the preceding Mains Castle. The fairy-tale turret room, built on a hill overlooking the Calder River, is served by a sweeping spiral stone staircase. A true one-off, it is the ultimate bridal suite for Andrew and Aileen.

Andrew, who is also musical director of the Celebration Choir and Christmas Celebration presentations, received over 121 ‘Likes’ on his FB page and also 47 ‘congratulation’ messages from friends.

From everyone at 100.8 Revival FM: “Congratulations to Andrew and Aileen and wish them a happy and healthy life together.”

Picture show Andrew and Aileen with Best Man John Polson, Andrew’s brother plus Bridemaids outside Burnside-Blairbeth Church after the wedding ceremony on Friday afternoon.