Elsa Harris guests on The Gospel Blues Train

Elsa Harris guests on The Gospel Blues Train

This Friday, 28 April at 8.00pm, The Gospel Blues Train with Lins Honeyman features an exclusive interview with Chicago-based gospel singer Elsa Harris. 

In a career that has lasted over half a century, Elsa talks about her time touring with the likes of Paul Simon and Jessy Dixon and how her latest album ‘Let Me People Go’ highlights the problem of human trafficking and slavery. 

Irene MacBain of Caleb Radio interviewed Elsa for The Gospel Blues Train before a recent performance at Motherwell’s Calvary Christian Fellowship.

The Gospel Blues Train, Friday 28 April, 8.00pm and repeated Saturday 29 April at 7.00pm and Tuesday 2 May at 10.00pm plus Catch Up anytime.

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