Christmas Celebration 2016 gets standing ovation

Christmas Celebration 2016 gets standing ovation

There was a standing ovation by the 2,000 strong audience at the finale of Friday night’s (16 December) Christmas Celebration 2016 presentation “Light Out of The Darkness” in the Main Auditorium of The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

The Celebration Choir and Orchestra and musical director Andrew Polson received loud applause for an outstanding performance in the celebration of the Christmas message.


Main Auditorium of The Concert Hall on Friday.

This year the presentation “Light out of The Darkness” is an apt title and theme covering a message that offers encouragement for us all and hope to those living in a darkened world, just as it did over 2,000 years ago.

Andrew Polson said: “Our appreciation this year once again extends to the singing talents of The Celebration Choir, the musical gifts of the Concert Orchestra drawn from musicians at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the powerful audio visual presentation – all recounting the greatest story ever told.”


Picture below: Andrew Morrison, who commented on FB:  “It was exceptional and the third concert I’ve seen, and the best yet.”



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