Cutting Tracks goes more Christmasy!

Cutting Tracks goes more Christmasy!

As more and more artists on the independent labels bring our their brand new tracks for Christmas, then you will get the chance to listen to them as I give them their first airing on Cutting Tracks on 100.8 Revival FM writes Rod Marshall.

This week, 3rd to the 8th November we have no less than four brand new tracks not aired before on my show and one is a Christmas track.

We have Eowyn with her new release of ‘O Holy Night’ but as you have never heard it sung before. Eowyn is a rock artist yet this rendering is just so listenable – I just love it.o holy night

We also have Jonathan Thulin with his third release from his new album called ‘Science Fiction’ and this release is the title track of the same name and he says the words make us think how vast the universe is and it is beyond our comprehension. And to think there is a Creator who made it all.

We also have Nicole Sponberg with her new release of ‘The Solid Rock’ from her new album ‘Awake My Soul’ and she hails from Tennessee. Also a new track from Alache ‘Another Day’ and this is her second release this year from her new album ‘The Chronicles of the Mrs’ and this album is her follow up the her last which was release over 10 years ago, so a big comeback there.

On the Rock Spot this week I feature the band ‘Roelant’ from Houston Texas and their new release is called ‘Staring at the Sun’ from their debut album ‘Music to Change the World By’ and they say the lyrics gives and insight to the journey we all take to make our lives more meaningful.Roelant

Plus many more Christmas tracks and another from Jonathan Viera’s new CD ‘It Is Well’ and this week the track I have chosen is ‘No More Night’

Most of the music and artists are from across the pond in the US of A. Although now and again, I play a track from a British artist that comes across my path.

If you are in that category and would like me to consider giving airplay to your new release then email me at or facebook (private message) me Rod Marshall to discuss it.

The majority of releases that I play can be downloaded at Itunes or on Amazon or you can stream them on Spotify.

Cutting Tracks with Rod Marshall on Tuesday 3 November at 12 Midnight, Thursday 5 November at 11.00pm and repeated Sunday 8 November at 4.00pm

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