Cutting Tracks new releases with Rod Marshall

Cutting Tracks new releases with Rod Marshall

Rod Marshall is back from his holiday in the USA with a bundle of great, new, fresh CD albums for your enjoyment.

This week’s Cutting Tracks programme with Rod Marshall features a super new track from that well known group Mercy Me called ‘Dear Younger Me’ also with a Story Behind Song from their album Welcome to the New. (writes Rod Marshall).M Me

Also featured this week are Star go Dim, Carrolton who had a release out just recently.  Also, Nicol Sponberg and For King & Country with their new release ‘Priceless’. 

In the Rock Spot this week we have a super group The League Of  One with a great release ‘As High As I Am’ from their new EP which features three great tracks which I will be playing one off, week by week.

I hope and pray you enjoy the programme.

If there is anything you wish to tell me that you enjoy it or you think I should change it in some way, then send me an email at

Or if you are an up and coming artist, or well established but have new material out and wish an airplay on the show, put it in Cutting Tracks programme Dropbox for me to give it a listen and download or Facebook (private message) me Rod Marshall to discuss it.

You can also listen to the programme outwith the broadcast times and up to 7 days after broadcast on 100.8 FM by going to the web site and on the top of the page you will see ‘Catch Up Any Time’ link to the page.

Go along from the bottom this page to Page 3 and you will see me with reference to the Sunday show which is also the Thursday show and listen there.  Bless you and Enjoy the show.

The majority of releases that I play can be downloaded at iTunes or on Amazon or you can stream them on Spotify.

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