Folkal Point tribute to Ewan MacColl

Folkal Point tribute to Ewan MacColl

On this week’s Folkal Point programme on Friday night, 11 December from 9.00pm on 100.8 Revival FM, presenter Colin MacDonald features the work of Ewan MacColl.

Colin says: “I defy anyone to say that Ewan MacColl’s creative legacy isn’t still hugely relevant. I hope that listeners enjoy these re-interpretations of some of the 20th century’s most affecting compositions.”

‘The Joy of Living’ borrows the title of one of his 300-plus songs to celebrate the words and music of Ewan MacColl.

This is the centenary year of Salford-born James Henry MiIler, then youngest in the family of three boys and a stillborn daughter of socialist Scottish parents from Stirlingshire and Perthshire.

By 1945, Jim had reinvented himself, enduringly, and thence to global acclaim, as singer, songwriter, social commentator and activist Ewan MacColl.

He’d already joined forces personally and theatrically with legendary stage director Joan Littlewood to stage experimental and hard-hitting dramatic works in the 1930s and 1940s in Manchester and London.Joy Of Living

By 1949 he’d married dancer and choreographer Jean Newlove, with whom he had two children, Hamish and the late Kirsty MacColl, who died tragically aged just 31 in a boating accident during a holiday in Mexico.

Then with producer Charles Parker, came the cutting-edge BBC Radio Ballads of the late 1950s and early 1960s, hailed as a major breakthrough in creative radio techniques.

Ewan’s third wife, widowed in 1989, the New York-born Peggy Seeger – an Anglophile for decades – is 80, but continues to record and perform with her sons, Neill and Calum.

They are at the creative heart of a just-released 21-song tribute ‘Joy Of Living’ that spans two CDs – which prompted this celebratory edition of Folkal Point – as a host of diverse talents reinterprets and amplifies the remarkable legacy of Ewan MacColl.

Folkal Point presented and produced by Colin MacDonald, Friday 11 December, 9.00-11.00pm on 100.8 Revival FM + online and Catch Up anytime for up to 7 days after original broadcast.

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