Gospel Blues Train ‘duos’ specials

Gospel Blues Train ‘duos’ specials

This Friday, 21 July from 8.00pm and for the next two weeks, The Gospel Blues Train with Lins Honeyman will feature songs performed exclusively by duos.

Lins says: “The Gospel Blues world and the Blues world as a whole, are full of double acts that prove that the sum is greater than the parts and we’ll be taking a listen to some of the output of such twosomes.

Sonny & Brownie, Sister Rosetta Tharpe & Marie Knight, Kaiser/Mansfield, the Blues Band’s Paul Jones & Dave Kelly amongst many more pairings will be featured, as well as acts who have performed together for most of their careers.  We’ll also feature tracks by people who have come together for a one off song or album.”

The Gospel Blues Train with Lins Honeyman, Friday 21 July and Friday 28 July at 8.00pm, repeated and also available on Catch Up anytime.


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