Gospel Blues Train special guests: ‘Larkin Poe’

Gospel Blues Train special guests: ‘Larkin Poe’

This Friday, 24 August from 8.00pm, The Gospel Blues Train with Lins Honeyman will feature the music of Atlanta, GA-based blues roots duo Rebecca and Megan Lovell – better known collectively as Larkin Poe – as well as an exclusive interview that took place earlier in the year. 

Following the release of their highly acclaimed latest album ‘Venom & Faith’, Lins and Gary Burnett of the Down At The Crossroads blog met up with the pair just before they went on stage at a sold out Inchyra Arts Club in Perthshire to discuss the new album, their musical influences and what makes their own particular brand of the blues work.

The Gospel Blues Train with Lins Honeyman, Revival FM on Friday 24 August 10.00-11.00pm; Saturday 25 August 7.00-8.00pm and Tuesday 27 August 10.00-11.00pm plus Catch Up anytime for up to 7-days after original broadcast.

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