Hope Deferred event at Robroyston Church

Hope Deferred event at Robroyston Church

Hope Deferred is an organisation which seeks to help those who are undergoing, or who have undergone infertility, infant loss and miscarriage, or know someone who has.

Hope Deferred is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and their team is up of committed Christians.

Hope DeferredHope Deferred is holding an event on Saturday 20 August at 6.00pm in Robroyston Church of Scotland, 34 Saughs Drive, Robroyston, Glasgow G33 1HG

The event will feature a keynote talk by Rev. Jonathan Keefe of Robroyston Church of Scotland, Glasgow, as well as a buffet meal and a Q&A panel.

Church leaders are also very welcome.  The event is free to attend but we would appreciate it if attendees could book through our website at: www.hopedeferred.co.uk

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