Lins Honeyman exclusive interview with Ian White

Lins Honeyman exclusive interview with Ian White

This Friday, 26 August from 8.00pm on Revival FM, The Gospel Blues Train with Lins Honeyman features an exclusive interview with experienced Scottish singer-songwriter Ian White who, over the years, has become well known for his interpretations of the Psalms and a performance schedule that has seen him travel the globe. 

Ian recently teamed up with local legend Pete Caban – lead guitarist with Perthshire blues band Wang Dang Delta and owner of Perth’s treasured Bandwagon Musical Supplies – for an ongoing monthly residency at Perth’s Grampian Hotel and Lins caught up with the pair to find out what they were up to. 

Included in this week’s show is an exclusive version of the traditional “Alberta” which Ian and Pete performed acoustically for The Gospel Blues Train just before the interview.

The Gospel Blues Train with Lins Honeyman, Friday 26 August 8.00pm; repeated Saturday 27 August at 7.00pm and at Catch Up anytime.  

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