New Julie Fowlis album ‘alterum’ on TTBA

New Julie Fowlis album ‘alterum’ on TTBA

The September Album of the Month on the Turn The Beat Around programme is from Scottish singer Julie Fowlis called ‘alterum’. Presemter Ian Arbuckle will be playing tracks from the album on his TTBA programme on Wednesday nights from 8.00pm and on Saturday afternoon from 3.00pm. 


This fifth studio album from the multi talented Julie Fowlis, who hails from North Uist in the Outer Hebrides, and who is now based in the Highlands.

She is a well-established artist on the world stage, this album showcases her flawless vocals and boundless musicality.

One of her many gifts is adding a modern twist to a traditional song, always skilfully handled and stays true to the traditions that mean so much to her.

Julie says: “The concept behind ‘alterum’ appealed to me in its interpretation of being spiritual and otherworldly, in the context of interpreting loss and where it goes.

My own work is steeped in tradition and historical reference, specific to the Highlands with a leaning to many beliefs and cultures, and therefore locations were identified which were both of the sea and the land, the two most contrasting elements we exist in, featuring horizons separating expansive skies and dark brooding waters, in addition, feathers were introduced depicting journey, transition in this case, Owl feathers silent in flight, of the night, the dark a place of mysticism and intrigue, we used them in a headdress, a link to a more ancient association.”

Turn The Beat Around with Ian Arbuckle, Wednesdays 8.00-10.00pm; Saturdays 3.00-5.00pm.  View the programme playlist here.

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