Our World: Sunday 10 April at 7.00pm

Our World: Sunday 10 April at 7.00pm
Gill Anderson presents Our World on 100.8 Revival FM on Sunday evenings at 7.00pm.  Here are the featured item on the programme for Sunday 10 April at 7.00 to 8.00pm.
The Light Shines in dark places – North Korean women are often tricked by human traffickers with the promise of money and good jobs in China, only to be sold into marriage or prostitution. Even in the midst of these dark situations, light can break through. Hear Yong-Hi’s story in Open Doors.
Julia Henry is working in Cuenca, Ecuador with co-workers to reach the prisoners, women, children and youth with One Mission Society. Photo shows the One Mission team in Ecuador.
Hear our prayers for Salah, Adib and Boushra who are three children; two in Lebanon, one in Serbia, as World Vision are making a difference, as can  our prayers.  We stand with them, and care for them in all the struggles and joys they face.
Scottish Bible Soc.Learning from the Bible – as Scripture Union share top tips of introducing children to the Bible as well as using interactive stories from Elaine Duncan, Chief Executive of Scottish Bible Society and Hazel Gray, Regional worker for East and Midlothian.
Our World with Gill Anderson, 100.8 Revival FM, Sunday 10 April at 7.00pm and Catch Up anytime.

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