Our World: Sunday 22 May at 7.00pm

Gill Anderson produces and presents the weekly global review programme Our World on 100.8 Revival FM.  This Sunday, 22 May, programme at 7.00pm features these topics:
Release International share the story from China of Zhang Kai, a human rights lawyer, forced to ‘confess’ on state television, after helping defend over 100 churches against the authorities who targeted for demolition over 1,800 crosses that were either forcibly removed, or destroyed.
Far East Broadcasting Company in Pakistan where the FM stations are expanding despite persecution.
Christian Aid partner Abdus Salam, chief executive of Christian Aid partner in Bangladesh, visits the north east of England discussing the work his organisation in Bangladesh helping families hit by flooding.
Pray for Scotland – Speaking Blessing – Speaking Life – there is power in blessing, a positive effect of a blessing on a person or situation, learn more of the impact praying blessing over our streets, neighbours and councils.
Our World with Gill Anderson, Sunday 22 May 7.00pm and Catch Up anytime.

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