Our World, Sunday 5 June at 7.00pm

Our World, Sunday 5 June at 7.00pm
Gill Anderson produces and presents Our World on 100.8 Revival FM every Sunday evening at 7.00pm.  Here is the Our World offering for Sunday 6 June at 7.00pm.
Faith in the midst of anarchy.  Since March, there have been small signs of hope as a new Libyan unity government was officially established, plus encouraging stories of people meeting Jesus and the Gospel being spread from Open Doors.
Hand-held hope in Brazil as Pedro hears about Jesus through Players of Hope; what he heard changed his life for good. The voice of Jesus is being multiplied in Central Asia through radio ministry, broadcasting information of general interest along with a clear Gospel message, also medical caravans visiting remote areas – Reach Beyond.
Experiencing God at Teen Street. As over 4,000 people from 42 countries attend Operation Mobilization’s Youth Conference.  Plus OM Nepal sending 52 men from Discipled2Go on an outreach distributing over 2,500 NT paired with a mini-SD card for each household.
Something to offer – volunteering with Scottish Bible Society. We hear Derek Hamilton’s story as to why he chose to volunteer and also church representatives are also needed.

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