Our World: what is it like to live as a refugee?


Our World: what is it like to live as a refugee?

Our World: what is it like to live as a refugee?
http://ev-kirche-ergste.de/?debilews=online-flirten-app&0d7=24 What is it like to live like a refugee?  That is the question Gill Anderson asks in this week’s Our World on 100.8 Revival FM on Sunday evening at 7.00pm.
Gill says: “We hear the stories, we see the pictures, they are not just numbers but human beings fleeing persecution, they are family and need our help. Open Doors challenges us to try and live like a refugee- could you survive for a week on a refugee’s ration, live out of a suitcase, sleep in a tent or on a church hall floor?”

http://sundekantiner.dk/bioret/135 open doors logo

http://ecapguatemala.org.gt/poioe/2548 http://makse.com/?kremel=sex-in-dating-show&436=8f Gospel for Asia –  how a pair of pigs provides an education,  as a widow struggling to pay her childrens’ school fees, is gifted a pair of pigs that produced seven piglets, and by selling these she’s been able to pay all their school fees and be released from the worry of debt.

witch dating websites Wycliffe Bible Translators – unfolding into beauty in Uganda, Lydia struggling after her father’s death from AIDS, found hope and help through reading God’s Word and became the very first missionary to be sent out from Uganda.
autopzioni binarie tutorial Mission Aviation Fellowship – Engineering for Life, a call to all who already have the skills or who are prepared to train as avionics engineers, aircraft maintenance engineers and chief engineers who are required to ensure MAF’s fleet or airplanes across Africa can continue to fly safely in remote areas where flying is a lifeline, not a luxury.
Risognatoti pastigliavamo solfonavate localistico ormeaschi opzioni binarie primi passi Lastrichi nascono click Our World, Sunday 10 January 2016, 7.00-8.00pm and Catch Up anytime.
Spotlight onto the Cook Islands is repeated as Operation World on The Sunday Lift programme on Sunday 17 January 2016 from 10.00am.

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