Pastor John Craig on Dave Mitchell Morning Show

Pastor John Craig on Dave Mitchell Morning Show

On Dave Mitchell’s Breakfast Show on Wednesday, 18 April, the special guest was Pastor John Craig from Glasgow Parkhead Church of the Nazarene. John was talking to Dave about “The Charter” bar project in the eastend of Glasgow.  John is part of the team working to repurpose the former bar at 458 Tollcross Road, Tollcross, Glasgow.

You can listen anytime to the interview on the Revival FM Catch Up anytime service here for up to 7 days after broadcast.

Under the leadership of Pastor Ian Wills, the Parkhead congregation has made it their objective to continually invest in their community. With this new property, they hope to breathe a new spirit into an area of their city very much in need.

The bar, which was shut down in 2014, had a reputation for attracting a rough crowd. Now, as the church moves in to renovate, they are hoping to offer positive opportunities in a place where real community can form.

The process began back in 2016 as the congregation grew to the limits of their current space. During this time, they began to consider church planting. So, when the old bar was put up for sale, the timing seemed right.

The Charter Bar “ticked a couple of boxes,” said Pastor John Craig, part of the team working to repurpose the bar. “Firstly, it is local enough to be another space that some groups at Parkhead Nazarene Church could use.” And, in addition to helping ease space constraints, the bar is far enough from Parkhead church to be able to “explore missional opportunities to that particular location.”

The Church of the Nazarene in Parkhead also places a high value on partnerships, and their new endeavor is no different.

“The Charter sits almost exactly equidistant between Parkhead Nazarene and another evangelical church, namely Easterhill Community Church, with whom there are both historic and current links and overlaps in friendship and ministry,” says Pastor John Craig.

Listen to more of this story with Dave Mitchell on Wednesday 18 April.  Available on Catch Up anytime for 7 days after broadcast.

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