Revival FM now on Internet Radio 128 kbts stereo

Revival FM now on Internet Radio 128 kbts stereo

Revival FM is now sounding even better using a portable Internet Radio as the quality of the online streaming transmission is now at 128 kbts MP3 stereo and is Real Enabled.

If you are a user of an Internet Radio, all you have to do is selection country ‘UK’ and once all services are listed, scroll to ‘Revival FM’ press select and then enjoy crystal clear Revival FM streaming at 128 kbts stereo.

Most Internet Radios have a small jack to enable listening through a hi-fi system.  Just plug into a spare socket, for example the Aux on the system and you can listen to Revival FM in full stereo on a good quality hi-fi system.

Intempo Revival 128 kbtsOtherwise, listen on the Internet Radio in your kitchen, bedroom, lounge or any room in your house as long as there is a Wi-Fi signal.

Internet Radios are now popular in major department stores like John Lewis or in electrical stores like Currys with a range of manufacturers and prices to match.

Enjoy listening to Revival FM on Internet Radio at 128 kbts stereo.

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