Take A Moment by Sanctuary First

Take A Moment by Sanctuary First

In and around the manic rushing around of the ‘countdown’ to Christmas, we are encouraging you to take a series of moments – simply to be. To take a break from the preparation, shopping, cooking, wrapping, stressing, and juggling of calendars and relationships.

Christmas can be hectic, overwhelming and demanding. It can be a time of conflict as well as celebration. A time where special memories are made but also when painful ones are remembered. There is a lot of pressure around Christmas to meet the expectations of family, colleagues, society and even the supermarket. It can be an endurance test, always asking you to be one step ahead. Are you having the perfect Christmas? Have you got it sussed? Have you nailed it?

The rushing around and juggling around Christmas can seem like a world way away from that first Christmas, the ‘reason for the season’, but in fact the first Christmas wasn’t gentle, calm and restful. With its stresses, upheavals and logistics to negotiate, it was probably a lot closer to our 21st Century Christmas than it would first appear.

The young couple, Joseph and Mary, were what we’d call today ‘internally displaced people’ who were having to confront the reality of childbirth on the move. They were victims of the arbitrary actions of a distant and unaccountable political regime. They were like many young people throughout history and around the world to the present day. They had to struggle with dangerous travel, temporary shelter, and persistent hunger… while at the same time getting to grips with parenthood.

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