Tearfund Christmas Concert

Tearfund Christmas Concert

On Saturday night, 19 December, The Mount Kirk Church in Greenock played host to the Tearfund Christmas Concert to raise funds which will help protect children around the world who are at risk of being trafficked.

Charity Tearfund Scotland staff were pleased with the large attendance in the Mount Kirk on Saturday as part of the Christmas Concert Roadshow across Scotland.  The live show featured music, Christmas carols and songs and an opportunity to hear and see more about Tearfund’s anit-trafficking work with proceeds from ticket sales going towards the charity’s No Child Taken campaign.CT_2015_FB_Post1 (1)

Tearfund Scotland director Lynne Paterson said: “Every 30 seconds, somewhere in the world, a child is trafficked.  That works out as more an one million children every year.  Tearfund has been working to help some of the poorest families in the world who are often prime targets for traffickers looking to take advantage.

With the support of people attending the Christmas Concert in Greenock and elsewhere in Scotland, we will be able to continue to come alongside vulnerable communities in places like Nepal to help families become more aware of the dangers and learn new skills to provide a secure income so that they are no longer at risk.  So far this year, funds raised in Scotland have allowed us to implement measures to protect more than 3,000 children.  Events like Saturday night in the Mount Kirk in Greenock will help us take this work further – keeping even more children safe.”

Tearfund Grk1Pictured on the stage at the Mount Kirk in Greenock were Yvonne Lyons, DL (David Lyons) and Allan MacKinlay.  Unfortunately, Steph MacLeod could not perform.

This is a special programme on 100.8 Revival FM on Saturday 26 December at 5.00-7.00pm on the Tearfund Christmas Concert featuring all the songs from the concert with new interpretations of many favourite Christmas carols sung by Yvonne Lyon and Alan Shaw.  There will also be interviews with Yvonne Lyon, Tearfund’s Scotland Partnership Manager, Karen Stewart and Mount Kirk, Greenock minister, Rev. Frances Murphy.

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