About Revival FM

Revival FM began broadcasting full-time on 100.8 FM with an Ofcom Community radio licence on 3 September 2006 to Cumbernauld, Kilsyth, Kirkintilloch and around central Scotland from Falkirk to parts of Glasgow.  Revival FM is Scotland’s first full-time Christian radio service.

The story of Revival FM goes back to 1995 when a group of Christians in the Kilsyth area of then Dunbartonshire and now North Lanarkshire in central Scotland, met to discuss the possibility of broadcasting Christian radio programmes under the UK Government’s new Restricted Service Licensing (RSL) scheme. This permitted a low power local radio service to air on the FM waveband for a maximum period of 28 days. Two such licenses per year could be granted with a gap of at least four months between broadcasts. The group decided to form Revival Radio Limited, a not-for-profit company through which application to the authorities could be made.

The first transmission took place at Easter 1996 from a base near Kilsyth.  The success of this broadcast convinced the directors to organise further broadcasts. From 1996 to 2005, a total of 14 RSL broadcasts were transmitted. Christians with radio experience, and those with none, caught the vision over the years and many are still helping Revival FM today.

Revival FM produces family friendly radio, with a positive message for the people who form our local community and our wider online internet listeners.

Revival FM brings listeners a broad range of positive contemporary music, news, information, interviews and discussion programmes as well as a broad range of specialist programming that meet the interests and needs of smaller groups in our community.

Most of the Revival FM content is locally produced at the Revival FM studios in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire and has a positive message that promotes healthy lifestyle choices.

Revival FM aims to entertain, inform, refresh, challenge and offer help for today’s world.

revival-fm-tx-corrie-queenzieburn-wide-42-48-54db-25w-220815The 100.8 FM reception area map includes in-car FM listening covering the M80 route from Cumbernauld to Glasgow city centre; the M74 from Glasgow to join the M73 to the M80; the M8 from south Glasgow through Glasgow city to the M73.  North of Cumbernauld, in-car reception on 100.8 FM is good on the M876 to the Falkirk area.

Please also see the core indoor reception coverage area map below.

Do remember, outwith these areas, you can tune-in to Revival FM online from this website and also use the Tune-in app anywhere in the UK.

What makes Revival FM different?

Revival FM is a not-for-profit charity registered with the Scottish charity regulator OSCR – Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator – OSCR Number SC024130. Revival was registered as a charity from 4 October 1995.  The majority of the Revival FM presenters and helpers are volunteers.

Revival FM actively encourage individuals and community groups to take a positive role in the radio station as part of our commitment to serve our community.

We provide a community service through radio programmes, presentation and production. We also participate in community events with organisations and churches.

Revival FM broadcasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During the day from 7.00am to 12 midnight, Monday to Saturday, Revival FM broadcast predominantly music based programming with some comment. On Sunday we move to mainly spoken programming that is aimed more at the Church audience.

Revival FM vision

The Revival FM vision is to be at the centre of our community generating positive change, affirming positive life choices and promoting hope for the future through relevant radio programmes and great music.

Revival FM music

Just as our community is diverse, so our playlist reflects this. Revival FM is creating a main playlist which continues to evolve and provides you with a great soundtrack for your life. We avoid playing lyrics that promote negative life choices and detrimental opinions of others so you can listen with confidence.

Revival FM community

The radio station studio and admin offices are located in Cumbernauld, 15 miles north of Glasgow in central Scotland. The Revival FM signal on 100.8 MHz FM serves the community that surrounds us and has the potential to reach an audience of 125,000 people. We also have a strong following via the internet online platforms with listeners streaming in over 70 countries around the world listening at all times of the day and night.

Revival FM Statement of Faith

Revival FM does not subscribe to any particular church denomination or particular doctrinal position. However, it has adopted the Basis of Faith of the Evangelical Alliance which can be viewed here on this website or visit:  http://www.eauk.org/about/basis-of-faith.cfm

revival-fm-tx-corrie-queenzieburn-close-48-54-60db-25w-220815Revival FM reception 100.8 FM indoor coverage area

This map illustrates coverage of Revival FM on 100.8 MHz FM within the core indoor reception area.  The darker red area has a signal strength of 60 dB and therefore should provide reception on most portable radios and also using hi-fi systems with a good aerial.  The red area will also provide good and usable reception.  The light pink area is mostly for in-car use and also indoor use with a good quality portable or hi-fi tuner with an outside aerial.

Revival FM volunteering

There are openings in all areas of our work, some of which are upfront ‘on-air’ broadcasting possibilities, but the majority would be in the essential background work. So what might that look like?

  • Community link outreach workers
  • Journalist / researcher
  • Secretarial / admin
  • Cleaning / domestic
  • Sound engineer
  • IT Network and software maintenance
  • Production
  • Fundraising
  • Promotion/marketing

If you have a skillset in any of the above and can offer your time and expertise to develop Revival FM, then we would be delighted for you to make contact with us.  Send an email with some brief background on yourself and experience and sent it to: volunteering@revival.fm

  • You can also send an information pack in the post to:

Volunteer at Revival FM
9 Duncan McIntosh Road
Ward park North Industrial Estate
G68 0HH

Or if you wish a friendly chat beforehand, gives us a call on 01236 722211.

Revival FM history timeline

A potted history of Revival FM

1995 – A group of Christians meet to look at the possibility of setting up and broadcasting programmes from the Kilsyth area in west Central Scotland. Revival Radio Limited is incorporated as a legal entity (company) on 4 October 1995 with a view to apply to the regulatory bodies to commence broadcasting.

Easter 1996 – The first broadcast is made from Kilsyth and over the next nine years, 14 RSL (Restricted Service Licence) broadcasts on the FM waveband are made from the area.

July 2005 – After the HM Government introduce Community Radio opportunities for local (non commercial and/or charitable) broadcasters Revival Radio Ltd., applies to regulator Ofcom for a licence.  Ofcom duly award a full-time Community Radio Licence to broadcast for five years to commence in 2006.

2006 – Industrial premises measuring 2,200 sq. ft. are acquired at a cost of over £100,000 which is raised through gifts, loans and donations from individuals and organisations in Cumbernauld.  The premises are converted into a state of the art radio production, broadcasting and office facility.

revivalfm logo3rd September 2006Revival FM launches on its newly allocated FM frequency 100.8 MHz offering programming 24 hours a day 7 days a week under a Community Radio licence issued from broadcasting and telecoms UK regulator Ofcom.  The original radio station logo is illustrated left.

September 2007 – First (and to be annual) Revival FM Fundraising Dinner and Auction in Cumbernauld.

2010 – To help raise funds, Revival FM launches a concert and events division. The concert introduced Alison Durham Speer and also The Gospel Heirs at the SECC in Glasgow. Other artists include: David Phelps, The Hoppers and Greater Vision (all 2011), Ernie Haase & Signature Sound (2012), Jonathan Veira (2011 & 2014), Crimson River (2013 & 2014), The Gospel Heirs (2015) and Philippa Hanna (2016).

2011 – Revival FM are appointed official ticket agent for the Glasgow concert by international artists The Gaithers. Several artists and performers represented by Revival FM over the years.

March 2011 – The Community Radio licence is extended by Ofcom for another five year period, thus authorising uninterrupted broadcasts until September 2016.

December 2011 – Revival FM launch their seasonal concert spectaculars with Christmas Celebration at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.  Over the years, additional Easter, spring and summer concerts feature The Celebration Choir and local and international guest performers.

September 2016 – Revival FM celebrates 10 years of full time broadcasting and is granted a 5 year extension to its licence from broadcasting regulator Ofcom, taking licensed broadcasts through until at least September 2021.

October 2016 – after almost 10 years of transmitting from the residential high-rise tower block Stuart House at an aerial height of 212m asl/aod in Cumbernauld town centre, Revival FM moves its transmitter and aerial on 7 October 2016 to a new site on the Kilsyth Hills on the Campsie Fells at an increased aerial height at 265m asl to improve reception of 100.8 MHz FM.
October 2017 – Ofcom, the UK broadcasting and telecoms regulator, invite applications for a new FM licence to cover and serve the City of Glasgow.  Revival FM (Glasgow) Limited makes application to Ofcom on the closing date for receipt of applications on Tuesday 24 October 2016.  Ofcom is expected to make a decision on a licence award or not in the spring of 2018.  Revival FM intends to offer the current programme service and social gain elements to residents of the City of Glasgow and to include a Revival FM studio base in the city centre.
May 2018 – Ofcom make a decision on Wednesday 9 May 2018 to award a licence to Revival FM (Glasgow) Limited to provide a Christian focussed programme service to the city of Glasgow and surrounding area.  The board of the new Revival FM (Glasgow) decide to launch this service at Easter 2019, an appropriate time in the Christian calendar.
April 2019 – Since the award to the Glasgow area FM licence, the team at Revival FM have been hard at work to get the new service up and running for Easter.  Premises were found for a Glasgow office and studio base in Port Dundas and an FM transmitter site was identified and agreement made to use the rooftop of a tall residential tower block to beam out the Revival mission.  Ofcom allocated the frequency 93.0 MHz FM for the Glasgow service.  Engineering test transmissions commenced on Tuesday 9 April 2019 ahead of regular programming on at Easter Sunday, 21 April 2019.
May 2019 – Revival FM (Glasgow) commences transmission on DAB digital radio to parts of Glasgow with carriage on the Ofcom trial Small-scale DAB digital radio multiplex which transmits on Block 10B 211.648 MHz.  DAB+ carriage commences on Friday 2 May 2019.  The follows the award of an Ofcom Digital Sound Programme Service Licence.  A second DAB transmitter commenced on-air in the summer 2019 and improved reception in Glasgow city centre, suburbs and surrounds.  The DAB+ service makes the Revival programmes accessible to more people in and around Glasgow as DAB digital radio take-up increases.

Improved DAB+ indoor and in-car Revival reception across Glasgow

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Improved DAB+ indoor and in-car Revival reception across Glasgow

Nation Broadcasting has successfully upgraded its DAB digital radio multiplex in Glasgow, with the launch of a second transmitter located in Glasgow city centre on Thursday 6 June 2019. The new signal now synchronises with the first transmitter to create a Single Frequency Network (SFN). The improvement will boost coverage in and around the city centre, as well as to the north and west. Ash Elford, DAB Platform Manager at Nation Broadcasting, said: “In a short space of time, Nation has turned around the fortunes of the Glasgow DAB trial...

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Revival now on DAB digital radio across Glasgow

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Revival now on DAB digital radio across Glasgow

From Thursday 2 May, Revival FM commenced broadcasting on the DAB digital radio waveband across most of Glasgow city. Some DAB digital radio do not require a retune or rescan and will automatically display Revival on the receiver or in the car. If not, select “Rescan” or “Retune” and in the alphabetical list of radio station services, select Revival when it is displayed. Revival is being carried on the Ofcom Trial Glasgow Small-scale DAB digital radio multiplex which is transmitting on Block 10B, frequency 211.648 MHz...

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Revival 93FM now on-air across Glasgow

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Revival 93FM now on-air across Glasgow

Revival FM has officially commenced licensed broadcasting across Glasgow on 93.0 FM following engineering tests and the installation of the FM transmitter system and broadcast antenna at a Glasgow city centre location. This brings the Revival FM programme service of ‘Heart & Soul’ radio to Scotland’s biggest city – Glasgow. It was on 9 May 2018 that broadcasting regulator Ofcom announced the award of an FM licence to Revival FM (Glasgow) which will be a community radio service offering a Christian perspective for...

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TTBA programme playlist

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TTBA programme playlist

Turn The Beat Around is produced and presented by Ian Arbuckle and broadcast on 100.8 Revival FM on Wednesday evenings from 8.00 until 10.00pm with a repeat on Saturday afternoon between 3.00 until 5.00pm. The playlist for the Turn The Beat Around programme on Wednesday 30 January 2019 at 8.00pm, repeated on Saturday 2 February 2019 at 3.00pm can be found on a special page of this website. Just click on the Presenters tab art the top of the page and then click on Ian Arbuckle to find details of the songs he will be featuring this...

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Revival FM What’s On Guide

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Revival FM What’s On Guide

The Revival FM What’s On Guide is on-air on 100.8 FM and online at this website, updated every week. If you or your organisation has an event coming up, then make full use of this Revival FM service. If your church or organisation wants to be featured on the What’s On Page and or on our regular on-air What’s On guide, please complete the form on the page and press Submit and your information will be sent direct to the What’s On desk in the Revival FM office.  You can also contact the office on 01236 721110 or email:...

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TTBA playlist

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A reminder that you can view the playlist of the Turn The Beat Around, produced and presented by Ian Arbuckle, broadcast on 100.8 Revival FM on Wednesday evenings from 8.00-10.00pm and on Saturday afternoon from 3.00-5.00pm. TTBA around is also available on the Catch Up Service for up to 7 days after broadcast on 100.8 FM. View the playlist here.

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Revival FM GDPR Privacy Policy compliant

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Revival FM GDPR Privacy Policy compliant

As you are no doubt aware, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) comes into effect from Friday 25 May 2018. This replaces DPA – Data Protection Act of 1998. As part of the Revival FM GDPR compliancy, we have updated our Privacy Policy which explains what data we store and how we use it. To view our updated Privacy Policy click on this link or click on the far right tab at the top of the front page. Keep in touch with Revival FM by signing-up for the regular Revival FM e-newsletter.  Just add your email address on the...

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Revival FM awarded new licence to cover Glasgow

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Revival FM awarded new licence to cover Glasgow

Ofcom, the UK broadcasting and telecoms regulator, has awarded Revival FM (Glasgow) Limited an FM broadcasting licence to cover the city of Glasgow. The announcement was on Wednesday 9 May 2018. This will bring the Revival FM programme service and ministry officially to Scotland’s biggest city with a dedicated FM frequency and transmitter broadcasting from the centre of Glasgow.  There will be also be the opportunity for people in Glasgow to get involved in programme presentation and production at the new Revival FM Glasgow studio....

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Turn The Beat Around playlist

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Turn The Beat Around playlist

The Turn The Beat Around programme is presented and produced by long-time Revival FM member Ian Arbuckle. ‘TTBA’ airs every Wednesday night 8.00-10pm with a repeat on Saturday afternoons 3.00-5.00pm. Check out what Ian is playing on the TTBA playlist page here.

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Gospel Blues Train Christmas Special

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Gospel Blues Train Christmas Special

This Friday, 22 December at 8.00pm, The Gospel Blues Train celebrates the festive season in style with its fourth annual Christmas Special edition.  Whilst the shops are awash with familiar and perhaps overplayed Christmas tunes, Lins offers up some alternative Christmas listening with gospel and blues-tinged festive songs from the likes of BB King, Ella Fitzgerald, Bryn Haworth, Reverend Jimmie Bratcher and Joe Bonamassa in a packed show that will help to get you in the Christmas spirit.  Grab yourself a mince pie and get on board for an...

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