MAF Bible-study course – join for free now!

MAF Bible-study course – join for free now!
Join us in this significant season of self-reflection as we delve deeper into God’s Word with MAF’s Bible-study course
What is it?
Throughout Lent and Easter, MAF are offering Part II of the MAF are offering Part II of the Recalibrate Bible-study course, absolutely free.This is a great resource on your own individual journey with God, or for study groups or families online, to go through the 30-minute biblical reflections together.Over two weeks, you will receive a daily devotion with scripture questions, prayers and an opportunity at the end to hear what the Lord might be saying to you and to make a personal response.
When is it?
The course start dates are 19 March, 26 March and 2 April 2021. Depending on the date of your sign-up, you will be enrolled on the next available slot and the reflections will be sent to your inbox.
What do I need?
You will need a notebook or digital device to write notes with, or alternatively you can print off the workbook sheets included.We find it best to set aside a specific time during the day for your daily study — this can be 15 minutes, 30 minutes or longer if you prefer.
How do I get it?
Click below to receive your two week-course today!You can also share this email with your study group or family if you would like them to join with you too.



Li Wei*, a Christian father and church leader in China, and his wife are good tenants. They always pay their rent on time and keep their flat tidy. But since January 2020 they have been evicted from three apartments simply because of their faith in Jesus.

The landlords were pressured by Communist party members to evict Li Wei’s family and this situation has been devastating. But this is not all.

Recently, the authorities cut both the water and the electricity supplies in Li Wei’s apartment. So, when some friends from their church visited them, they found Wei’s wife using a torch to help her children do their homework.

Later, with a smile on her face she started to cook some food to share using just a small camp stove. “We are forced to live in darkness” she said. “But our hearts are full of light. The light that comes from God’s Word.”

Revival FM’s partner Release International hears many stories like this from Christians in China and elsewhere who are experiencing daily pressures from local authorities or religious leaders who actively oppose the spread of the gospel.

Will you help believers like Li Wei to stand firm in their faith in the face of increased persecution and oppression by sending a special gift to Release International today?

Yes, I will help oppressed Christians and their families

You and I might never experience the kind of situations Christians like Li Wei are up against, but we can do something to show them that they are not alone. By giving to Release International today you can show a precious brother or sister in Christ who is being oppressed for their faith that God has put them in your heart and that you love them. Your gift will be used to provide financial support and basic supplies for oppressed Christians and their families, as well as pastoral care and discipleship resources.

• £30 could provide 15 Bibles to remote rural communities in Northern and Central India.
• £50 could provide food for a family of Christian Iranian refugees in Turkey for a month.
• £100 could fund 10 pastors and church workers in China who are unable to find other jobs because of persecution with essential support costs for a month.
• £250 could allow a life transforming development to the home of a destitute Christian family in Egypt, such as the provision of a roof.

Yes, I will help oppressed Christians and their families.

For more information about Release International and to subscribe to news and prayer resources click here.

*Names have been changed in order to protect the identity of the people we serve.

Opportunity is around the corner…

Opportunity is around the corner…

Following on from the recent Revival FM announcement of a major advertising and sponsorship partnership with Harmony Coach Holidays, Revival FM is pleased to announce that “Times top 100 rated business” Pertemps Recruitment has joined Revival to advertise recruitment opportunities with their logistics solutions provider Gist.

Making the announcement this week Iain Preston, Director at Revival FM said: “Once again Revival FM has shown that as a community radio station we are ready to play an important part in the recovery of our local communities, this time by providing a platform for Cumbernauld based business Gist, assisted by a national organisation Pertemps. Our thanks go to both organisations for their support.”

There are great opportunities at Gist, and you find out more by clicking this link.

Listen out for the Pertemps/Gist ad on Revival 93FM and 100.8 Revival FM and on DAB radio across Glasgow city.

Cutting Tracks with Rod Marshall

Cutting Tracks with Rod Marshall

The Cutting Tracks programme first hit the Revival FM airwaves on 30th October 2014 and over the last 6 years plus, has been a privilege bringing you all the best from the latest releases and artists brand new and well known artist over that period.

Especially now in this pandemic it has been an inspiration to those who just love listening to the radio as they can’t go far from their own home.

To be truthful, I have loved bringing this show to you.

I hope to continue to do so in the future as well. I feel its great to be able to give those new artists a platform in which to present their music which they may not have got but for the show.

I have certainly built up a report with a lot of the artists who email me frequently thanking me for playing their music on the airways of Revival FM.

This week, we are featuring new artists such as Gramps Morgan with his track “People like You” and Alex in Black as well as some established artists including Ce Ce Winans and her track “Believe for It”.

Also in the show, a really well established group Need To Breathe with their brand new release “Survival” which features well known artists Drew and Ellie Holcome.

Can I say at this time, a great big thank you for all at Revival FM who have supported me through this time, including Dave Mitchell, Revival FM station manager and Andrew Polson, director of Revival FM, as well as many of the other presenters and especially you the listeners for tuning in.

Looking forward to many more years of bringing you the best in new releases from new and established artists.

God Bless.

Rod Marshall

Cuttings Tracks is on Revival 93FM and DAB radio across Glasgow and Revival 100.8 FM across Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch. Also online at