Green Pastures exists to equip the Church to end homelessness, and a big part of that is educating as many people as possible on the issue so that they can be involved in the fight.

Some of the amazing outcomes we see include restored family relationships, new skills learned and increased confidence gained.

Many of our partners’ residents have also come into a relationship with Jesus through witnessing His love first hand.

Homeless Sunday takes place on the Sunday 10th October this year – It’s an event that’s been in the Christian circle for a long time, and gives us an opportunity to reflect on the issues surrounding homelessness in the UK and galvanise people to get involved in the solution.

Homeless Sunday is about bringing to light the very real situations that homeless people and those threatened with homelessness face every day.

Homelessness is an issue that affects many people, but is also an issue that many don’t understand or know deeply.

We have a FREE resource for your church so you can get involved.To claim yours or to find out more, please click on the link:

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