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Revival FM Donation Appeal

Posted by on May 18, 2020

Support the charitable work of Revival FM – bringing uplifting and encouraging music and features to listeners and local communities throughout west central Scotland. Your...

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Featured programme

Defining Tracks

Posted by on Apr 30, 2020

Tune into Me’N’U till 2 with Matt Dick for a new segment featuring local leaders talking about the impact music has had on their life and faith walk. This week, Matt is...

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TTBA programme playlist

Posted by on Jan 28, 2019

Turn The Beat Around is produced and presented by Ian Arbuckle and broadcast on 100.8 Revival FM on Wednesday evenings from 8.00 until 10.00pm with a repeat on Saturday afternoon...

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Monday Night Live at 9pm

Posted by on May 18, 2020

Join Andrew Polson every Monday night at 9pm for “MONDAY NIGHT LIVE”! Make sure you visit Andrew online Live From The Grove, Monday nights at 9pm. Tune in on Andrew...

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Gospel Blues Train with Lins Honeyman

Gospel Blues Train with Lins Honeyman

Lins Honeyman presents and produces The Gospel Blues Train, on 100.8 Revival FM on Tuesdays at 11.00pm and also on Fridays at 8.00pm and Saturdays at 7.00pm. If you miss the programme, go to the Catch Up anytime page where programmes are available for 7 days after original broadcast.

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What’s on in your community?

What’s on in your community?

What’s on in your community?

Get in touch at or call 01236 721110 to tell us about your event or activity coming up and we will include it in our What’s on guide.

This guide is broadcast on air a few times per day everyday so it’s a great way to promote your event.

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Improved DAB+ indoor and in-car Revival reception across Glasgow

Improved DAB+ indoor and in-car Revival reception across Glasgow

Nation Broadcasting has successfully upgraded its DAB digital radio multiplex in Glasgow, with the launch of a second transmitter located in Glasgow city centre on Thursday 6 June 2019.

The new signal now synchronises with the first transmitter to create a Single Frequency Network (SFN). The improvement will boost coverage in and around the city centre, as well as to the north and west.

Ash Elford, DAB Platform Manager at Nation Broadcasting, said: “In a short space of time, Nation has turned around the fortunes of the Glasgow DAB trial multiplex. We’ve invested behind the scenes in new equipment and new telecoms. This included switching to the world leading Factum Radioscape Enmuxa platform for DAB multiplexing in November 2018. Nation is now realising its ambition of giving Glasgow a DAB multiplex it deserves, with improved coverage and an improved choice of stations.”

The multiplex currently broadcasts 21 services, including Revival FM and a range of Glasgow community radio stations and several special interest services. The multiplex now has a waiting list, with more services planned, subject to Ofcom approval.

Revival is carried on the DAB digital radio multiplex with transmission at 24 kbts DAB+ stereo codec HE-AAC v2. For manual tuning: Block 10B frequency 211.648 MHz

Portables and in-car have auto-tune functions, so simply press or select Auto tune or Scan for services. Some sets require to hold the Auto Tune/Scan for a couple of seconds to do a full scan of all services available in the area.

Listen to Revival on DAB+ for a better listening experience.

Revival now on DAB digital radio across Glasgow

Revival now on DAB digital radio across Glasgow

From Thursday 2 May, Revival FM commenced broadcasting on the DAB digital radio waveband across most of Glasgow city.

Some DAB digital radio do not require a retune or rescan and will automatically display Revival on the receiver or in the car. If not, select “Rescan” or “Retune” and in the alphabetical list of radio station services, select Revival when it is displayed.

Revival is being carried on the Ofcom Trial Glasgow Small-scale DAB digital radio multiplex which is transmitting on Block 10B, frequency 211.648 MHz from a single transmission site close to the Cathkin Braes.

A second transmitter to improve reception in Glasgow city centre and surrounds is awaiting clearance from regulator Ofcom. When that transmitter goes to air, that will form a Single Frequency Network (SFN). This will then provide a robust Glasgow city wide DAB+ service from the multiplex.

This is the display on a Roberts portable DAB/DAB+/FM radio. You may have to do a full scan or auto scan for the radio to pick-up and display Revival. Once available and on display, please select and save as a pre-set favourite.

Revival FM is transmitting using the improved DAB+ digital radio AAC codec system in stereo.

This DAB+ transmission joins the existing Revival 93FM Glasgow service which commenced programming at Easter.

As an example, Revival on display on a Vauxhall Corsa car.
Some cars auto tune and when you go to the station list, scroll down until you see Revival and select and then make Revival on DAB as a pre-set favourite.
Otherwise, you may need to tune in manually to Block 10B / 211.648 MHz by using Seek, Tune or use the Menu. Most car displays have these functions.
You can then listen to Revival in crystal clear stereo.
When out of range of the DAB reception area, the car radio will automatically tune to the 93FM analogue frequency for continuity of service.