Ian Arbuckle

Ian Arkbuckle1Ian Arbuckle is one of the original presenters on Revival FM haven taken part in all 28-day Radio Authority and Ofcom Restricted Service Licence broadcasts between 1996 and the station going full time in September 2006.

He has presented various programmes during that time but currently presents the weekly ‘Turn the Beat Around’ programme which airs Wednesdays between 8.00 and 10.00pm and is repeated on Saturdays between 3.00 and 5.00pm.

Turn the Beat Around (TTBA) is a celebration of music in all its various forms. However, as Ian grew up during the very influential musical period of the 1970’s it is no surprise to learn that that era features fairly heavily in the playlists for TTBA.

That is not to say that other musical decades and musical styles don’t feature in the programme – nothing could be farther from the truth!

Some of the many features on TTBA include the Driving Song (chosen with those on the move in mind); album release news and the Revival FM Top 10 Countdown; Album of the Month; Northern Soul Classics (an exceptionally popular feature which starts the second hour of the programme ); ‘Do you remember when’ (music and news from a particular year in history) and The Last Word.

Requests and dedications are very welcome on 01236 725849 which takes you right through to the studio.

In the past, Ian has had many musical guests on his programme performing either live in the studio or at the end of a telephone and he hopes to continue this trend on TTBA

Outside of Revival FM, Ian is a Senior Quantity Surveyor based in Glasgow and lists football and flying online on the VATSIM network as his main hobbies.

Ian Arbuckle Turn the Beat Around, on Revival FM. Each Wednesday between 8.00 and 10.00pm and also repeated on Saturdays between 3.00pm and 5.00pm.

Email Ian at: ian@revival.fm