Rod Marshall

Rod Marshall studio 2 Revival fmRod Marshall presents and produces Cutting Tracks on Revival FM on Sundays at 4.00 to 5.00pm with a repeat on Thursdays at 11.00pm.

Rod is a retired Lecturer in Computing, but took an interest in radio from an early age when his dad had a valve set and Rod used to listen to Dan Dare and AFN radio from Germany.

In his teens, Rod had one of the first crystal sets and then moved onto a very small transistor radio which he listened to Radio Luxembourg on 208m medium wave in his bed every night.

Rod joined the army and became a radio operator as well as taking a great interest in Short Wave radio broadcasting, where Rod’s mate and himself used to patch through American wives in the USA through to their husbands on naval ships in the Mediterranean.

Later in life, Rod was asked to share a kid’s live programme on a Saturday on Caleb Radio which was short-term ‘RSL’ FM service in Lanarkshire.  Rod then progressed to his own Sunday Show as well.

A few years later, Rod was asked if I was interested in co-presenting a show on the then new Revival FM and from there went onto produce what’s on information and had his own “Holy Laughter Show” which ran its course.  Rod is now producing and presenting the show “Cutting Tracks” where he plays brand new releases prior to their general release mostly from USA with new British release.

Rod lives in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire and when he’s not travelling around the country with his caravan, Rod presents an hour the latest songs and new releases on Revival FM.