Sale of tickets Terms & Conditions

gospel heirs1All Revival FM, Revival Radio Ltd., and Revival FM (Glasgow) Limited concert and events tickets are sold on the agreement that they may additionally be subject to specific terms and conditions of the venue or concert hall.

Please therefore refer to the venue website for specific terms and conditions of ticket sales.  Where these terms and conditions do not apply and/or are unavailable, tickets are sold on the basis that purchasers agreed to the following:

1. Tickets are sold for and on behalf of Revival FM by Directors, members of staff and/or other appointed representatives. Appointed representatives may be other organisations/businesses outwith Revival FM, and any tickets sold by those representatives or agents are subject to their own individual conditions of sale where available.

2. Tickets are sold at full face value and may be deemed as void if they are exchanged, transferred or sold on without the prior consent of Revival FM. Tickets cannot be cancelled, exchanged or returned once purchased. Refunds, exchanges or transfers are at the sole discretion of Revival FM, and will only be to the maximum face value, or less, of the original purchased ticket.

3. Revival FM do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or misuse of any ticket whilst in the possession of the purchaser.

4. The venue and/or agent/representative has the right to decline sale of ticket, decline admittance and eject patrons from the auditorium/venue. Please note venues may decline latecomers from admittance to the auditorium or until a suitable break in the performance.

5. Revival FM credit/debit card purchases must be with a valid and current card. It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure they have adequate funds to support the transaction. All tickets purchased via this method attract a £1.00 booking fee per ticket. Revival FM do not accept responsibility for any loss of funds or data from accounts due to viruses, fraud or other means.

6. Revival FM do not accept any responsibility for tickets that are mislaid or lost in the post.

7. Whilst at the venue, Revival FM cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property and/or vehicles.

8. In the event of a cancellation or abandonment of a performance, Revival FM will not be liable for any travel or accommodation costs. Refund of tickets (none, part or full) are at the discretion of Revival FM.

9. On some occasions, the purchasing of a ticket indicates your consent to the public performance and audience being filmed and/or photographed, and subsequently these images being broadcast and/or published.

The address for all written correspondence is:
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