The Tiree Song Book

The Tiree Song Book

Revival at Celtic Connections 2017: Review

The Tiree Song Book in the Strathclyde Suite, The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Sunday 22 January 2017

In association with The Tiree Association, this was a night of celebration of music and musicians of Tiree.

Who could believe that from an island nine miles at its longest, and five miles at its widest could provide so much beautiful music and such musical talent. A night of passionate singing, bagpipes, accordions, whistles, fiddles etc., was a night of musical heaven.

Every tune played and every song sung had links to Tiree. Arranged by musical director Mary Ann Kennedy, this was a concert that had everything.

The scene was set when the lights went down and the skirl of the pipes started as six pipers paraded down through the audience and onto the stage.


Picture: Sean Purser

Already on stage was one of the finest backing bands put together. Calum MacCrimmon (pipes and whistles); Ian Smith (accordi       on); Marie Fielding (fiddle); Anna Massie (guitar and mandolin); Euan Burton (bass) and Mary Ann Kennedy (piano and clarsach).

Add to that the six pipers, and on a couple of occasions three extra accordionists in guest appearances from Daniel Gillespie, Campbell Brown and Angus MacPhail.

tiree-from-the-airAlthough all songs were sung in Gaelic, which I for one and most of the audience couldn’t understand, it did not hinder our enjoyment of the concert. Each song was delivered with passion and note perfect. The singers included Linda MacLeod, James Graham, D.I. Brown, Ian Smith, Ishbel Campbell, Murdina Maclean, Bernard Smith and Iain Brown.

This was a wonderfully arranged evening. You could visualise the beauty of the island of Tiree through the music. Everyone left the concert humming away to themselves the tunes they were witness to for the previous two hours.  (Picture shows Tiree from the air).

Danny Matheson

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